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Leak smartwatch details Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE

by George Mensah

An LTE version of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which is currently not announced, has been included in the FCC list, which reveals some details of what wearables and what connectivity consumers can expect. Based on documents, Galaxy Watch appears to share some similarities with the current gene model, but with significant upgrades.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE smartwatch details leak

According to the Android Authority, the Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch with LTE connectivity has been listed on the FCC website and says this version has SM-R885 model number. The wearable may be larger, but the FCC listing does not provide any size information.

Past rumors have suggested that Samsung ships without a charger the next Galaxy Watch model, which is highlighted with the new list. The FCC documents detail an intelligent watch with the same battery capacity as the Galaxy Watch 3, but it seems appropriate to assume that your current Galaxy Watch 3 battery charger with the Galaxy Watch 4 is used in combination.

Galaxy Watch 4 supports multiple LTE bands and offers NFC, Bluetooth, Dual-band Wi-Fi and GNSS based on FCC information. It seems that consumers could anticipate that the audio playback function will also be available on the watch, with the capability to save audio tracks on the built-in memory of the watch.

This feature is becoming more frequent on smartwatches and is especially useful for active people who want to leave their phones at home while jogging or at the gym. These details add up to past leaks claiming several features concerning the new wearable, including sports Wear OS instead of Tizen.

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Questions remain about the next model, even if Samsung intends to release the product. If rumors prove to be true, it should be noticed by the end of summer. For reference in late August of last year, the Galaxy Watch 3 was announced.

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