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LinkedIn Decides to ‘Lean Into’ Visual Content With New Tools

by George Mensah

LinkedIn has released new tools for users who want to share photos and videos on the platform.

That may seem strange coming from a company dedicated to assisting people in sharing a semi-public version of their resume, forming professional relationships, and looking for jobs. However, LinkedIn users have begun to share more photos and videos on the platform.

According to the company, there has been a 20% year-over-year increase in “people adding visual content in their posts on LinkedIn,” so it is now rolling out new features “to make it even easier to create visual content that helps you stand out and inspire your professional community.” (Their emphasis.)

The first of these features is the inclusion of clickable links in photos and videos. These links are displayed as buttons that LinkedIn users can resize and reposition to fit the composition of their “visual content,” allowing viewers to access a “website, an upcoming event, a recent newsletter, or other resources” with a single click.


LinkedIn has also created a number of templates that users can use to “easily create visually engaging content” by embellishing their posts with “dozens of customizable backgrounds and fonts.” (This is similar to the custom backgrounds that Facebook users can use with their posts on that platform.)

LinkedIn is also testing “carousels,” which the company describes as “a new content format that allows you to mix images and videos to help your community learn in a digestible way.” According to the company, it will “experiment with carousels to see how members engage with it over the coming months.”f

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