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Maserati Project24 Makes The MC20 Look Like A Toy

by George Mensah

Maserati, an Italian producer of high-end supercars, has a speed obsession. When the Maserati brothers founded their business more than a century ago, they were producing race cars that could prevail in the most competitive motorsports events. Although the carmaker enjoyed success on the racetrack, it later began producing luxurious street cars that were on par with race cars. The Maserati MC20, the flagship vehicle for Maserati, is one of its most recent limited bespoke sports vehicles, and it will set you back at least $212,000.

Maserati is thinking about building further high-end sports vehicles despite the MC20’s strict production restrictions and expensive price. According to Davide Grasso, the Maserati brand CEO, “Yes, there is potential for that, clients are interested, but (I) don’t want to say more,” in early 2022. On Friday, July 22, Maserati provided additional information regarding its upcoming limited super sports car.

Project24 is more advanced than the MC20

According to the projected graphics, the Project24 limited edition Maserati super sports car has not yet been constructed. Although it will be more sophisticated, the business claims that it “inherits the specifications of the Maserati MC20.” In order to put that into perspective, Project24 will have the same V6 Nettuno engine as the MC20, but it will have turbochargers to increase its power to 740 horsepower, which is 119 horsepower more than the MC20’s.

The following limited-edition Maserati will likewise be under 2,755 pounds in weight. This indicates that it will be more powerful per unit of weight and weight less than the MC20, which weighs around 3,300 pounds. In addition, it will feature upgraded suspension and carbon ceramic brakes. The eight-speed dual-clutch transmission on the MC20 will be replaced by a six-speed sequential gearbox in Project24, which is another significant difference. Like the MC20, it does, however, have a rear-wheel drive.

It will be a track only race car

Project24 will be an exclusive super sports car for the racetrack, according to Maserati, and “just 62 units” will be made. It will therefore be a more exclusive vehicle than the Maserati MC20. The passenger seat is optional because Project24 won’t be road legal. Naturally, it will also include a roll cage that has received FIA approval, a 6-point safety belt, a rain lamp, a fire extinguisher, and specially tuned racing tires. Customers will have the choice of adding a tire pressure monitor, in-car video recording camera, drive performance display, telemetry recording, and a rear-view camera to enhance the experience.

Even more thrilling is that owners will have access to racetracks and customer service if they wish to test the vehicle’s top speed. When and how much Project24 will cost have not been made public by Maserati. Even the real name of the automaker remains a secret! However, we can assume that it will cost more because it will be more exclusive than the MC20.


It becomes even more thrilling because owners will have access to racetracks and customer assistance if they want to test how fast it can go. Project24’s release date and price have not been made public by Maserati. Even the genuine name of the automaker has not been revealed! But since it will be more expensive, we can assume that it will be more exclusive than the MC20.

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