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Mazda covers two classic RX-7 models during heritage parts program

by George Mensah

Fans of the Mazda RX-7 will be delighted to hear that the automaker has unveiled a new heritage parts program covering parts for the FC and the FD RX-7. Previously, Mazda initiated a Heritage Parts Program that offers parts for the rehabilitation of Miata first generation vehicles. One thing that isn’t perfect about the announcement is that it all seems to be for Japan.

Mazda heritage parts program covers two more classic RX-7 models

There are 91 parts on demand and hard to find, with 30 available for the FC and 61 available for the FD vehicles. In the future, Mazda has promised to add more pieces to the list. Some of the components include vacuum hoses, throttle position sensors, rubber bushings and gaskets. A few fasteners are also provided.

Approximately 24,000 RX-7 cars are currently registered in Japan. This program is somewhat different from the Miata program Mazda is running, which will return a car to you and provide a much broader range of available parts. These sections are also being provided in the United States. The fact that the Miata parts are available in the States has given us hope that the RX-7 parts will be offered here.

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The complete list of replacement parts available in Japan can be found here. They’re almost entirely hoses and fasteners. We hope that in the future, additional parts will be added to assist with cosmetic restorations inside and outside these iconic sports cars.

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