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Meta is shutting down its couples messaging app you didn’t know existed

by George Mensah

We hope you weren’t keeping the flames of your relationships alive with Meta’s experimental Tuned app. According to Gizmodo, Tuned will be taken down by Meta on September 19 and attempts to join up for the relationship-focused app now result in errors. The business was open about the reasons behind the change. A spokeswoman for Meta claimed in a statement to Engadget that its New Product Experimentation team shuts down apps if they “aren’t sticking.”

In order to provide couples with a “secret area” where they could share sentiments, love notes, challenges, and music streams, Meta’s (formerly Facebook’s) NPE Team introduced Tuned in April 2020. Given the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, the timing was ideal (even if not planned). Theoretically, this assisted long-distance couples who couldn’t meet in person to strengthen their ties.

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However, it’s unclear how many individuals really utilized the app. Although Meta claims “many couples” used Tuned to strengthen their relationships and brought the formerly iOS-only app to Android, there’s little doubt Tuned remained a niche product in comparison to Facebook or Instagram. After all, there’s a strong possibility this is the first time you’ve heard of this app. We would also point out that there was little use when you could text, video chat, or use other current services to achieve many of the same objectives.


You might have anticipated this. When experimental apps failed to acquire momentum, Meta regularly terminated them and even removed higher-profile apps. The corporation may save money and concentrate on more well-liked platforms thanks to these closures. As things stand, Tuned was becoming a bigger anomaly for a digital giant that was turning its focus away from social media and toward the metaverse.

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