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Meta Quest 2 Just Got An Unwelcome Price Hike

by George Mensah

Consumers of electronics are accustomed to hardware prices declining over time, but increasing? That’s not often a characteristic of devices that aren’t making at least slight advancements. But despite the fact that the Meta Quest 2 VR headset has been available since October 2020, Meta has revealed plans to increase the price of both the 128GB and 256GB variants.

This is allegedly because “best-in-class hardware, action-packed games, and cutting-edge research are needed to keep propelling the VR industry ahead.” Nevertheless, since video game consoles are frequently sold at a loss and software sales make up for it, it is not a usual strategy when it comes to hardware sales. It is predicted that even the newly published (or technically still upcoming) Steam Deck will have a very slim profit margin.

The Meta Quest 2 is scarcely an exception in that sense, but rising manufacturing and distribution costs are mentioned as the main causes of the price increase. Why then are both models being charged more, and why is the flat rate increase the same for each of them? Perhaps the goal is to persuade more would-be buyers who were on the fence to buy a headset now and save some money, leading to an increase in sales. It might be an effort to make up some of the billions in losses the corporation suffered in Q4 2021. Whatever the cause, it is taking place.

How much more the Quest headset will cost you?

Both Meta Quest 2 variants are currently still on the market for their initial MSRPs of $299 for 128GB and $399 for 256GB. However, both variants will see a $100 price increase beginning on August 1, 2022, increasing the new baseline MSRP for each to $399 and $499, respectively. Meta will also raise the cost of reconditioned units and headset accessories. Oh, but each purchase will come with a complimentary copy of “Beat Saber,” a game that was released in 2018 and is now available for $29.99! The benefit will end being a pack-in freebie on December 31, 2022, after which it will no longer be available.


Users’ reactions to the news have generally been rather split, with some expressing understanding and others concern. There are defenses that a $399 entry-level VR headset is still a more inexpensive way for newbies to get started. Due to the additional $100, fence-sitters are expressing disinterest. Some even speculate that this may be an effort to sell off existing inventory before the introduction of a completely new model. It’s impossible to predict how this new price plan will turn out until it is implemented, but it does run counter to the stated objective of being an inexpensive entry-level VR choice.

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