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Michelle Obama is bringing an exclusive podcast to Spotify

by George Mensah

Spotify will be the distinctive domestic for Michelle Obama’s first podcast, the agency has announced. The audio exhibit is titled The Michelle Obama Podcast and it comes from the Obamas’ manufacturing agency Higher Ground, which beforehand shaped an one-of-a-kind deal with Spotify. Michelle Obama will be the host of the new show, which will revolve round ‘candid, human, and non-public conversations.’

‘The Michelle Obama Podcast will debut on Spotify on July 29 and it will be accessible to all customers on the platform, such as these who don’t pay for Premium.

The exhibit will encompass a variety of exceptional company as section of the conversations, some of whom consist of Craig Robinson, Dr. Sharon Malone M.D., Valerie Jarett, Conan O’Brien, and others.

Each episode will revolve round talks on special topics, inclusive of marriage, relationships between siblings, elevating kids, mentorship, women’s health, and comparable things. In a announcement about the new podcast, Michelle Obama said:

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