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Netflix launches new interactive called Triviaverse

"Triviaverse" is now available on Netflix in nine languages

by George Mensah

Netflix today launched “Triviaverse,” a new interactive game that allows subscribers to test their knowledge and compete against an all-knowing “Trivia master” using their TV remote. Players are challenged in the game to answer questions as quickly as possible before time runs out and to beat high scores in order to earn badges.

“Triviaverse” is now available on Netflix in nine languages: English, Spanish (LatAm), Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Brazil), French, German, Italian, Korean, and Japanese.

The gameplay is straightforward. Players must answer as many questions correctly as they can in a limited amount of time by using the arrow keys on their remote. Questions will cover a wide range of topics, including history, science, and pop culture. As you progress through the rounds, the difficulty will increase.

Players earn badges when they reach certain milestones, starting with “Bird Brain,” then “Preschool Graduate,” “Lucky Guesser,” “Shockingly Average,” “Mere Mortal,” “PhD Dropout,” “Super Nerd,” “Potential Genius,” “Certified Genius,” and “Triviaverse God” — the final and most epic-sounding title that players can receive.

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“Triviaverse” can be played in two modes: one-player mode, which has three rounds of trivia, and two-player mode, which has two rounds per person.

“Whether you’re trying to beat your personal best of 4,000 points or competing with your friends to reach 10,000 points, we hope you learn something new and have fun!” Rick Sanchez, Netflix’s Director of Product Management, announced the news on the company’s blog.

While Netflix has previously experimented with interactive storytelling, not all of those efforts were designed to be played like a game. In 2017, the company debuted interactive stories for subscribers to enjoy, such as “Cat Burglar” and “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,” among others. It also provided a “Triviaverse” precursor with its interactive game “Trivia Quest,” which had a different format involving daily episodes during the month of April 2022. The new game, on the other hand, has a more pared-down format, as if Netflix wants to see if subscribers would be interested in just using its service as a game-playing platform, rather than for interactive features that also tell stories.


The release of the new trivia game comes one year after Netflix began investing in gaming, which the company has stated will eventually expand beyond mobile games.

For example, following Netflix’s encouraging third-quarter earnings report, VP of Gaming Mike Verdu revealed at TechCrunch Disrupt that the company is investigating cloud gaming and establishing a new gaming studio in Southern California. Spry Fox, a gaming studio acquired by Netflix recently, has joined the company’s five in-house game studios.

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