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Netflix’s Games Are Getting More Social

by George Mensah

Netflix has begun experimenting with “game handles” in some of its titles.

Over the last year, the company has steadily increased its commitment to the mobile gaming market. It began by releasing a few Stranger Things tie-ins in August 2021, then added more titles, and then began acquiring mobile game development studios.

It is now rumored that it is planning to improve the game platform itself. According to Steve Moser(Opens in a new window), he discovered references to the feature in the Netflix mobile app. According to the company, a “game handle” is “a unique public name for playing games on Netflix.”

However, it turns out that Netflix has been testing these gaming-specific usernames for quite some time. According to TechCrunch(Opens in a new window), on July 19, Netflix introduced game handles in one title, Into the Breach. Since then, the experiment has expanded to include Bowling Ballers, Mahjong Solitaire, and Heads Up!

However, introducing game handles on their own makes no sense, and Moser claims that information from Netflix’s mobile app indicates that the company intends to use these public-facing monikers “for multiplayer game invites and on leaderboards” across its growing catalog of mobile titles.


“We are constantly looking to improve our members’ service experience and are exploring different features to enrich the Netflix mobile games experience,” a Netflix spokesperson told TechCrunch. “At this time, we don’t have anything else to share.”

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