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New crypted call and message updates will be provided by Facebook Messenger

by George Mensah

A few years after Facebook’s output of text-based chat encryption, a welcome update comes out: encrypted end-to-end video and voice calls. Users can make safer calls via Facebook Messenger with this new feature that gives them an alternative to WhatsApp and other platforms like this. The new text function for encrypted users has also been added onto Facebook and a preview of what it has next.

Facebook Messenger gets new encrypted call and message features

Facebook Messenger has also been updated to provide users with more control over the function of missing messages, in addition to the new end-to-end encrypted Call feather. As with more privacy-centric messaging applications, users who activate the encrypted end-to-end Message feature can also allow messages to disappear.

Now, users can select lengths from five to 24 hours for the messages to disappear, to ensure that they do not hang around longer than they need in chat. In connection with its end-to-end encryption option, users are also expected to see additional features in Messenger, like adding encrypted end-to-end group calls and VCs inside the application.

facebook messenger voice video calls

Some users may have access to the new feature on Facebook in the next few weeks, although the company has not said how many people are involved and when it will be implemented in greater detail. Some users of Instagram will also view a new feature during a test.

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Facebook says Instagram users can finally opt for end-to-end DM encryption. This feature, which is similar to the option found in Messenger, is already available to some adult users in “Some countries.” Again, no details were provided regarding more widespread availability.

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