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Oculus Quest receive app sharing and multi-user support ,facebook catch

by George Mensah

There are clearly some rules and limitations, and sadly, when using multi-user accounts, you cannot handle the Facebook Account Requirement – the Administrator account and each user account must be connected to each Facebook account. Only app-sharing on the computer where the admin account is registered is open, so that the people who buy an admin headset cannot access the apps on the admin device.

Oculus Quest gets app sharing and multi-user support with a Facebook catch

In addition, if any account holders are not liable for the app sharing except the admin buys apps or games. It also seems that app-sharing will not actually be available in all apps – Oculus claims that any App that is released in the Oculus Quest Store today will be available, but the functionality is “limited” in existing games.

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Oculus also considers these to be experimental features such that certain elements will shift as time passes (for example, the number of users allowed on a headset). For now, it is only Oculus Quest 2 users that will roll out, but we will see them head to all Quest users in a short time.

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