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OnePlus HeyMelody application refreshes OnePlus, OPPO earbuds on any phone

by George Mensah

US Customs and Border insurance may have persistently named them as fake Apple AirPods however OnePlus’ remote earbuds are without a doubt appealing at their cost. And keeping in mind that it has the OnePlus brand, it can work with some other cell phone simply like some other Bluetooth earbuds. There is, notwithstanding, one proviso and in any event one significant usefulness is tragically restricted distinctly to OnePlus telephones. Luckily, that is not true anymore with another application that can refresh OnePlus Buds as well as even some of OPPO’s.

OnePlus HeyMelody app updates OnePlus, OPPO earbuds on any phone

The OnePlus Buds and more moderate OnePlus Buds Z can work with no issue with any cell phone brand. That is because of the utilization of industry norms like Bluetooth. That, notwithstanding, just gives you essential usefulness, and refreshing the earbuds themselves isn’t actually standard.

OnePlus has its own OnePlus Buds application that gives you more authority over the buds, including the significant activity of refreshing the buds’ firmware. This is exceptionally basic for such a youthful item from an organization that will in general push out updates to improve the listening experience. Sadly, that OnePlus Buds application is selective to OnePlus telephones.

Instead of open up the application to more Android telephones, OnePlus took the fairly odd course of dispatching a totally isolated application only for that reason. With the similarly strangely named HeyMelody application, any Android telephone can be utilized to refresh the TWS earbuds firmware. Not just that, you can even utilize it to see the buds’ and the charging case’s battery levels, assuming your telephone’s producer doesn’t have that usefulness.

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The similarity prerequisite for the HeyMelody application is extremely low, just Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher, which covers practically all Android gadgets in the market now. Furthermore, as though to disperse any questions left about OnePlus’ familial relationship with OPPO, the HeyMelody application underpins OnePlus’ TWS buds as well as the OPPO Enco X and OPPO Enco W51.

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