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Original horror series The Birch premieres on Facebook Watch

by George Mensah

When it comes to video streaming platforms, Facebook Watch isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. The company is working to change that with the gradual introduction of original productions on the platform. Following an announcement about its plans earlier this summer, Crypt TV has officially launched an original horror series on Facebook Watch; it’s called The Birch, three episodes are available to start with, and it is entirely free to watch.

In late July, the studio Crypt TV backed by Blumhouse Productions revealed that it had struck a deal with Facebook to bring five original horror shows to Facebook Watch, the social media company’s video streaming platform. One of the originals has now arrived on Facebook Watch: The Birch.

The series is based on the short film by the same name that was produced by Crypt TV back in 2016. The work had proven popular with horror fans, ultimately scoring a Webby award in 2017 and, later on, a deal with Facebook for a longer series based on the film.

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The first three episodes of the original series are now available to stream on Facebook Watch. According to Crypt TV, the company will release a couple of new episodes every Friday at 1PM PT / 4PM ET. The show centers on three teens who encounter the Birch, a ‘blood-thirsty’ tree-based monster that lives in the woods.

As in the short film, the show’s Birch character can be summoned for protection, but she doesn’t offer her services for free. The series was written by Dylan Mulick, J. Casey Modderno, and David Aslan. The episodes can be streamed for free on the show’s Facebook Watch page here.

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