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Overwatch 2’s New Hero Is a Complicated Roadhog

by George Mensah

Overwatch 2 players have noticed that a new character plays almost identically to Roadhog, making the beta much less enjoyable to play.

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Overwatch 2 is almost here, and fans who pre-ordered the Watchpoint Edition will have early access to the game’s beta, which will run until July 18. Fans can try out the new 5v5 format, the new game mode Push, the new map Paraso, the updated 32-character roster, and two new characters: Sojourn and Junker Queen, as part of the beta.

The beta provided fans with their first impressions and opinions of the game and its characters. According to popular belief, Junker Queen is simply a more robust and complicated Roadhog. Having a new character with recycled abilities can come across as lazy game design, and it’s boring to play a character who is so similar to another. Junker Queen’s abilities have also begun to irritate players, as they prevent her from dying and make it difficult for players to stay alive long enough to fight back.

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Since the game’s initial release in 2016, Roadhog has been a mainstay. Roadhog is a tank class character with abilities that emphasize mid- to close-range combat. First, Roadhog’s Chain Hook ability draws enemies to him, allowing him to combo a melee with his close-range shotgun, the Scrap Gun, for instant kills.

Roadhog, in addition to his offensive abilities, has the self-support ability Take a Breather, which allows him to heal himself after combat. Whole Hog, Roadhog’s ultimate ability, is used for crowd control because he can fire at a greater range to push enemies off objectives or out of cover. Roadhog has long been considered one of the best tanks in Overwatch, but with the addition of Junker Queen, that may change.

Junker Queen is a new tank class character introduced to players almost a month ago, and players have noticed that she is similar to Roadhog after some time in beta. Junker Queen possesses a more complex set of abilities, but once mastered, she is regarded as a far superior version of Roadhog. Some players question whether Roadhog is still worth selecting as a main tank.

Junker Queen’s abilities include her Jagged Blade, which deals continuous damage when struck but, like Roadhog’s Chain Hook, can be thrown to draw enemies to her. She can then use her Scattergun shotgun for quick kills. Junker Queen can use her ax on nearby enemies while Carnage inflicts continuous damage over time.

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Junker Queen distinguishes herself from Roadhog by having a support ability, Commanding Shout, and a passive ability, Adrenaline Rush. Junker Queen’s and her allies’ health is increased by Commanding Shout, and Adrenaline Rush passively heals her as she inflicts more damage, similar to Reaper. With this combo, she not only helps herself but also her allies, as opposed to Roadhog’s support, which only benefits himself.

Adrenaline Rush also makes killing Junker Queen extremely difficult if the player knows how to combo her abilities. Junker Queen’s ultimate ability, Rampage, is possibly her most infuriating to deal with because once hit by this melee rush attack, a player cannot heal themselves or be healed by allies. Players who are hit by Rampage are almost certainly doomed.


With all of her abilities, Junker Queen has effectively rendered Roadhog obsolete. Within the Overwatch community, Junker Queen has also been viewed as an auto-pick, and players believe this makes the game stale and boring. Overwatch 2 is still in beta, so Activision-Blizzard has time to change the characters Junker Queen and Roadhog. However, for the time being, some players may find it difficult to return to the beta.

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