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Pixel Watch Price Leak Doesn’t Inspire Confidence

by George Mensah

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series was just released, and in about a week, we’ll see Apple’s take on a sportier smartwatch with the rumored Apple Watch Pro. These aren’t the only smartwatches to keep an eye out for this year. After years of rumors and speculation, Google has finally confirmed that it will launch its first self-branded smartwatch this fall. In fact, the company confirmed the Pixel Watch’s design, which has sparked interest due to its distinct appearance. There have been numerous rumors about Google’s smartwatch since then, painting a mixed picture of hope and disappointment. This latest one, on the other hand, is more of the latter.

If you’re familiar with the company’s history, you can understand the excitement surrounding the Pixel Watch. While it has released a number of smartphones and tablets under the Nexus and Pixel brands, it has yet to release its own smartwatch. Given its attitude toward Android Wear and, more recently, Wear OS, some see it as a sign of the wearable platform’s creator’s lack of commitment. With its own smartwatch, Google will be practically forced to continue supporting Wear OS with fixes and new features. Even if some of those features are exclusive to the Pixel Watch, they may benefit Wear OS and other smartwatch brands in general. Without a doubt.

Pricey mid-range wearable

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The Pixel Watch’s design is distinctive in that it combines the traditional design of Wear OS smartwatches with the aesthetic of the Apple Watch. Unlike Apple’s smartwatch, it has a circular body, but its nearly domed display and lack of a top bezel are more reminiscent of the Apple Watch than any other Wear OS brand. It is, in some ways, both old and new, a dichotomy that persists within.

On the one hand, something has rumored the Pixel Watch to have 1.5GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, the most of any Wear OS smartwatch, including the Galaxy Watch 5, which has the same RAM but only half the storage. However, Google’s wearable will also use an older Exynos 9110 chipset, raising concerns about performance and battery life. Inside will be an unnamed co-processor, the purpose of which is also unknown.


9to5 Google has now revealed the price of the Pixel Watch, which was previously unknown. According to the report, the cellular model will cost $399, which is significantly more than the equivalent Galaxy Watch 5, which costs $279. It costs the same as the Wi-Fi-only Apple Watch Series 7, but the latter has a better reputation. This immediately puts the Pixel Watch at a disadvantage in terms of pricing, so it will need to offer some additional benefits to justify the price. The Pixel Watch is expected to be released this fall alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones.

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