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PlayStation 5 fee and launch date revealed

by George Mensah
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When Sony introduced today’s PlayStation 5 Showcase, many of us have been hopeful that we’d ultimately get some affirmation about the console’s pricing and launch date. After all, Microsoft printed the launch date and pricing statistics for each the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S beforehand this month, placing the ball firmly in Sony’s court. As expected, Sony delivered, these days telling us how an awful lot the PlayStation 5 will fee and when we’ll be capable to purchase one.

PlayStation 5 price and release date revealed

While latest rumors have advised that Sony used to be ready for Microsoft to make the first go so it ought to probably undercut the Xbox Series X on pricing, it turns out that the widespread PlayStation 5 will fee the specific equal quantity as Microsoft’s flagship: $499.99. The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, meanwhile, will run $399.99, so you’ll retailer $100 with the aid of shedding the disc drive. You can test out PlayStation 5 pricing for a couple of currencies in the picture below.

We additionally realized that the PlayStation 5 will be launching on November twelfth in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, earlier than launching in the last areas on November 19th. In the US at least, that potential the PlayStation 5 will be launching a mere two days after the Xbox Series X, so we’ll clearly get to see these two consoles during it out for market share from the get-go.

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Sony’s selection to charge the PlayStation 5 at the equal $500 charge factor as the Xbox Series X and launch simply two days after Microsoft will simply make for an fascinating excursion season. Neither console will have tons of an gain when it comes to launch timing or pricing, that means that backyard of platform loyalty from preceding generations, many early adopters may be making their buying selections primarily based on launch games.

PS5 release

One wild card in the subsequent technology should flip out to be the Xbox Series S, which is priced at $299.99 – $100 less expensive than the much less high priced PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Assuming that the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition doesn’t make any hardware adjustments without ditching the disc drive, then the Xbox Series S will be much less effective than it, however many clients may figure out that 1440p gaming is ample given the price. Outside of that, though, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X will be launching on a incredibly even taking part in subject come November.

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