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PlayStation Trophies are changing and what to expect

by George Mensah

PlayStation Trophies have been around because the days of the PlayStation 3, and for the most part, they’ve remained unchanged all this time. That’s altering later today, as Sony will be rolling out some replace to the trophy device in advance of subsequent month’s launch of the PlayStation 5. The adjustments aren’t big through any means, as they frequently focal point on the Trophy levelling system.

That ability these new aspects won’t trade the way Trophies are earned or how developers enforce them in their games. Instead, all of the modifications are restrained to your large Trophy profile and level. Once Sony’s replace in applied later tonight in the US (tomorrow for these in the EU), the Trophy stage vary will go from 1-100 to 1-999.

PlayStation Trophies are changing today: Here’s what to expect

Sony will routinely replace everyone’s Trophy degree to match this new range. “For example, if your modern Trophy stage is 12, your new degree will bounce to someplace in the low 200’s,” Sony wrote these days on the PlayStation Blog. “The precise stage will rely on the wide variety and grades of trophies you’ve acquired.”
With this new levelling system, Sony says that gamers will growth via early ranks faster, and stage thru the whole range extra consistently. Platinum Trophies will remember towards your ordinary degree even greater than they used to, so that’s all the extra purpose for completionists to preserve chasing Platinums.

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Finally, Sony is rolling out new Trophy icons, which you can see in the picture above. These new icons will even come with a “subtle distinction” that will advise how shut you are to the subsequent level. Sony closes out its submit by way of reassuring that all Trophies will switch to the PlayStation 5 as gamers make the jump, however given that’s how it labored with the transition from PS3 to PS4, we wouldn’t anticipate some thing less.

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