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PlayStation VR 2 Getting Room-Scanning and Live-Streaming Modes

by George Mensah

With the exception of its new motion controllers, Sony hasn’t revealed anything about the PlayStation VR 2 VR headset since it introduced the PlayStation 5. The PS VR 2 has recently received updated information(Opens in a new window), which makes it appear more promising than ever as the much anticipated upgrade to the dated PlayStation VR device (and its even older PlayStation Move motion controllers).

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VR and Non-VR Gaming, With Graphical Specs

Like the PS VR before it, the PS VR 2 will have two distinct graphical modes for VR and non-VR games. While Cinematic Mode shows standard PlayStation games and entertainment as a projected screen in front of your eyes, VR Mode will give you a full virtual reality experience with 360 degrees to look around.

In VR Mode, the headset will provide a 2,000 by 2,040 image to each eye at refresh rates of 90Hz and 120Hz. A 1080p (1,920 by 1,080) image in cinematic 24Hz, 60Hz, or 120Hz will be displayed in cinematic mode with HDR capability.

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Custom Play Areas

The PS VR 2 will allow users to specify particular play regions for VR games, taking inspiration from Oculus and SteamVR. Players can aim the controller and create an outline on the ground to set up virtual walls around them using the outward-facing cameras on the PS VR 2 headset. They will become visible as you get closer to those walls, with red warning circles expanding when you’re about to reach through it and maybe knock things over.

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See-Through View

The PS VR 2’s cameras will also enable users view out of the headset without taking it off, in addition to enabling virtual walls. A button on the headset or a pop-up menu in the PS VR 2 interface will allow users to access the view.

Live Game Streaming

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The PS VR 2 will allow you to broadcast any game you are currently playing, not just the content you are seeing through the headset. By connecting a PS5 HD Camera, you may observe your face while playing. We’ll have to wait and see how it’s actually done, but the sample visual provided by Sony suggests that it would automatically eliminate backgrounds from the picture to only display you against the game itself.


It’s intriguing that the facecam feature would be enabled explicitly because it suggests that the PS VR 2 headgear itself won’t require an external camera, as the PS VR does. This may be the case as VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 have demonstrated that extra sensors or cameras aren’t necessarily required for a satisfying VR experience.

Still no Release Date

Although we now have a better understanding of how the PS VR 2 will operate, we still don’t know when it will be ready. A release date and upcoming games will be announced by Sony “soon.”

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