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Samsung galaxy note 10 and 10 plus will launch today; what to expect

by George Mensah
galaxy note 10 plus

Samsung galaxy note will be launch today; what to expect.

Samsung is set to launch its flagship Galaxy Note devices for 2019 tonight. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note Plus – or is Samsung going to call the device the Note 10+ – will be launched at an event in New York. Samsung calls its Galaxy launch events Unpacked and this one is no different.  When the company unveils the Note 10 devices – is also likely to see a couple of other devices being showcased apart from the two phones. The phone comes with the case, covers and lock screen options for the official case.

The Unpacked event for the Galaxy Note 10 launch will start at 4 PM in New York. This means in India, the Livestream of the event will be available from 1.30AM on August 8. It’s AM so very early morning on August 8. The Livestream of the Unpacked event will be available at https://news.samsung.com/global/how-to-watch-samsung-galaxy-unpacked-2019.

As far as the Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus is concerned a lot is already known. The two phones have leaked – most notably by Evan Blass on Twitter – again and again. Note 10 is likely to have a screen size of around 6.3 inches while the Note 10 Plus is likely to come with a screen that will measure 6.5 inches or more. The Note 10 devices are likely to come with three-camera setup on the rear, a slightly tweaked metal and glass design – something fairly evident in the leaked images of the phones – and they will be powered by Exynos 9825 processor or Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, depending on the market.

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Samsung believes that the Note devices are used by power users, who not only use their phones to chat or browse social media or click photos but also to create content or work. It is expected that keeping this context in mind, Samsung may add a couple of new features to the Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus that will help content creators as well as people who work on the go. The Galaxy Note devices come with a multi-functional stylus and the Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus too will come with one.

Tonight is the global launch of the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. For now, there are no specific details of the India launch of the Note 10. But chances are the Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus will be launched in India in a week or two considering that Samsung brings its top phones to India within days after the global launch.

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