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Samsung’s First Foldable Galaxy Tablet Tipped To Launch In Near Future

by George Mensah

Samsung will reveal the next generation of its foldable devices in just a few days. We already know everything about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 thanks to a flood of leaks, at least unofficially. What is certain is that Samsung intends to go all-in on these two models, allocating much of its manufacturing capacity to them hoping to recoup losses from other smartphone segments. However, these aren’t the end-all and be-all of Samsung’s foldable plans, and we’re only five to six months away from seeing the company’s third foldable device, a large foldable tablet.

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Foldable and rollable screens have always been designed to address the issue of size. Many people want large displays for their phones, computers, or televisions but are unwilling to pay the space cost. A foldable phone strikes a balance by employing a flexible screen that can fold into a smaller size for easier storage.

As one of the world’s largest display manufacturers, Samsung has naturally experimented with various types of shape-changing screens. From curved but rigid screens like the one on the old Galaxy Round to the flexible folding panels on the Galaxy Z devices, Samsung has demonstrated a variety of future form factors and concepts. Few of these prototypes have made it to the market, but we may not have to wait long for one of them to make its debut.

Galaxy Z Tab may arrive in early 2023

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According to a Naver post, Samsung will release its first foldable tablet the same day as the Galaxy Tab S9 (via SamMobile). If the company stays on track, that could happen in less than a year, around January or February 2023. Unsurprisingly, details are still scarce, but that we’re this close to seeing a foldable tablet could kick the rumor mill into high gear.

Of course, Samsung has already shown several prototypes of a large slate that folds into a smaller form in various ways — it has even named at least two of these, implying that they may be the commercial names for these technologies. Most people envision the Flex S when they envision a large table that must fold into a more portable form — in this case, folding in opposite directions to form a S or Z shape. In contrast, the Flex G has two flaps that fold on top of each other, resembling a squished G.


The rumor does not specify which direction Samsung will take, but the Flex S style is more visually appealing and likely more practical, as you can use the tablet while folded. Depending on whether Samsung is considering dropping the Z branding, this tablet could be called the Galaxy Z Tab or Tab Z. Whatever happens, this tablet will undoubtedly be the talk of the town next year, assuming it launches as expected.

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