Seinfeld is finally coming to Netflix: Here’s when to watch


As far as sitcoms go, there’s few out there that are as enduringly popular as Seinfeld. Despite that popularity (or as a symptom of it), those who want to stream the show here in 2019 are limited in their options. Though services like YouTube and Amazon have digital episodes and seasons for sale, the only subscription service on which you can stream Seinfeld is Hulu – at least here in the US.


It’s been that way for years, but that’s all going to change in the near future. Netflix revealed today that it will offer Seinfeld beginning in 2021, having won the streaming rights to the show. In a couple of years, all 180 episodes will live on Netflix, giving the company a big name to tout to potential subscribers.

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All 180 episodes of the Emmy-Award winning Seinfeld are coming to Netflix — worldwide! — starting in 2021


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