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Shiny Pokemon TCG Shining Fates unboxing

by George Mensah

The trading card game of Pokemon launched a new set called Shining Fates at the end of February. Today we look at a couple of boxes and unpack a few packages for a look inside. This isn’t your medium set – it’s smaller than average, which means you have a greater chance of catching Em All. This collection does not only include regular rares and foils and VMAX Pokemon and Pokemon V cards, but also SHINY versions of all these cards.

First of all, let’s take a moment to appreciate that in February2021 this new Pokemon TCG collection is still wildly varied. This Cramorant Pokemon is available in three variants, each with a wide variety of skills, illustrations and executions.

Cramorant is the basic, that’s special. Then the rare SHINY Cramorant, with a new design of foil (more on that below). Then there is the Cramorant V and the two most epic moves we have ever seen in a monster that looks so pathetic.

We have Morpeko second. Next. This is a Sparkling Rare Pokemon featuring one of the most stunning Pokemon in the world of Pokemon. You can see how a new Shiny Pattern – a physical, bumpy foil – is present in the Shiny Rare Pokemon. This is just beautiful. This is a brilliant explosion!

You’ll get a Shiny V Pokemon if you buy one of the special edition tins available with this package. We have Eldegoss V in this tin, with a style similar to the Shiny Rare Pokemon.

This Shiny V Pokemon also has a film blast, but its core is less as the illustration on the card takes up the whole card, not just the top half. This is a good touch! This is really nice!

The Incredible RARE is another kind of rare Pokemon which you can reach. The multicolored star “A” is given in the middle, right down at the bottom of the card in this kind of Unusual.

This Yveltal has a vortex of color that goes beyond the typical illustration frame of Pokemon Rare, making this rare feel especially unique. The ability of this Pokemon is… very good: “Active Pokemon is your opponent’s Knocked Out.”

You can get a SHINY VMAX as well! This beast is so dazzling and so foliage, so VMAX is all colors. This one may be a little work rather than worth playing, but it looks still beautiful

Pokemon TCG Sparkling Fates Trainers Box has a huge Eevee VMAX and a black and dark butter of peanut – orange and brown color scheme. The Eevee card guards in this kit sound slightly matter than before the trainers box guards.

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The Shining Fates collection is in stores right this minute, with prices reasonably similar to those of the last few years. And they look great, packs with cards and again with accessories.

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