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Transfer PC Games Directly to Steam Deck with Steam’s Latest Update

by George Mensah

Are you tired of being tethered to your gaming PC or console? Want a way to play your extensive Steam library on the go? Look no further than the new Steam Deck. This portable gaming platform allows you to play the vast majority of games available on the market today, and it just got even better with its latest update.

The Steam Deck is a reasonably-priced alternative to a gaming PC, especially as component prices have skyrocketed because of the global semiconductor shortage. And now, with the latest update released on February 17, you can transfer games between your PC and Steam Deck faster than ever before.

Faster Game Transfers with Local Area Network (LAN)

One of the biggest complaints about the Steam Deck was its slow transfer speeds when moving games between devices. But with the latest update, that’s no longer an issue. Steam has added the ability to transfer games between devices using your home’s local area network (LAN). Since LAN speeds are much faster than Wi-Fi, you can now send a game between devices in a fraction of the time to download it.

The update allows for both PC-to-PC and PC-to-Steam Deck transfers, and you can even transfer games to a friend, as long as they own their own copy. The feature is a win-win for both individual users and Steam’s download serves, as it takes some strain off the servers, theoretically making things faster for everyone.

Opting-In to the Steam Deck Beta Channel

While the update won’t automatically apply to your console just yet, you can opt-in to the Steam Deck Beta channel to try it out now. Keep in mind that beta updates are not fully tested and are more likely to contain bugs than a full release. However, once Valve is sure of the update’s quality, it will get a general release.

To opt-in to the beta program, go to Settings > System > Steam Update Channel on both the device and account sending the game and the one receiving it. Once both devices have opted in, you can enjoy faster game transfers with the Steam Deck.

Future Improvements to the Steam Deck

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Valve has no plans to abandon the Steam Deck as a concept and is already working on implementing customer feedback for any subsequent editions that are made. While the “Steam Deck 2” or a “Steam Deck Pro” won’t be around for a while, the next hardware iteration will likely be a next-generation device with a bigger screen and increased battery life, among other improvements.

In the meantime, new features and tweaks are constantly being added to the current handheld console. With the latest update, transferring games between devices is now faster than ever, making the Steam Deck an even better investment for PC gamers and those who don’t want a traditional console.


If you’re looking for a way to play your extensive Steam library on the go or want a reasonably-priced alternative to a gaming PC, look no further than the Steam Deck. With its latest update, game transfers are faster than ever before, thanks to LAN speeds. While you’ll need to opt-in to the beta program to enjoy the update now, it will eventually get a general release when Valve is sure of its quality.

Stay tuned for future improvements to the Steam Deck, including a next-generation device with even more improvements. But for now, enjoy the current handheld console and all its features and tweaks, including faster game transfers with the latest update.

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