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The 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E Just Got A Major Price Increase

by George Mensah

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is an unusual vehicle. Muscle car enthusiasts romanticize the engine more than any other component. As Dodge recently discovered, removing that engine causes some backlash among the vehicle’s core demographic. However, the Mach-E, Ford’s electric SUV version of the Mustang, has performed admirably. According to Ford, sales of the Mach-E increased by more than 74% in July, and overall, Ford EV sales increased by approximately 169%. The electric Mustang has undoubtedly survived the backlash from petrolheads, but a new challenge has emerged. The big question is whether it can withstand a significant price increase.

The base model’s price has risen by $3,000 to $46,895, while a car from the GT Extended Range will set you back just under $70,000. However, the issue with Ford’s electric vehicles in recent years has not been the price. Customers have found it difficult to obtain one in the first place, regardless of what the window sticker says. The good news is that Ford has reopened their order list for the Mach-E, so potential customers can now choose their car, customize it, pay a deposit, and take possession of it when it finally rolls off the assembly line.

Ford is now including its Co-Pilot360 Driver Assist Technology and a “complimentary” three-month trial of Ford BlueCruise hands-free driving and 360-degree camera for the higher price. Two features that are clearly built into the car but are only available through a subscription. Because that kind of sales strategy always works. If you have an order for a 2022 Mustang Mach-E, Ford says you will receive a “private offer” to upgrade to the 2023 model.

Other Ford EVs have also had a price bump

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The Mustang Mach-E isn’t the only vehicle in Ford’s electric lineup whose price has recently risen. Earlier this month, another electrified version of a Ford classic, the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro, saw its base model price increase by more than $7,000 over the 2022 model. The electric truck has been difficult to obtain in recent years. The global semiconductor shortage has severely limited the number of vehicles produced by Ford, with electric models such as the F-150 Lightning bearing the brunt of the brunt. Aside from the limited supply, demand for the electric-powered pickup has skyrocketed, which may explain why Ford felt comfortable raising the price.


While a nearly 20% increase over the previous year’s sticker price may appear extreme, it pales in comparison to what I caught some dealerships charging for Ford’s most desirable EVs. Some F-150 Lightnings were spotted with sticker prices as high as $150,000, prompting a strong response from Ford. A series of threats were issued, including a threat to fine any dealerships caught selling their demonstration models. Ford even threatened to switch to an online-only sales model for their electric vehicles.

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