The Apple Watch 5 may get a feature we’ve been dreaming about


The Apple Watch Series 4 has been around for a while now, so naturally it’s time to turn our attention to the Series 5, which is being finalised somewhere deep in the halls of Apple’s spaceship campus.


The Series 4 was a big jump forward for Apple, bringing aboard a medical-grade ECG sensor and transitioning its smartwatch into a serious health wearable.
But what could the Apple Watch 5 have in store? We’ve taken a look at the latest rumblings and also picked out the big features we hope to see.

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With the Series 4, Apple made the most dramatic designs changes to the Apple Watch since it launched. Both models jumped up in size, so another major design revamp with the Series 5 seems unlikely from our point of view. Those dreams of a round Apple Watch are long gone.

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