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The big Biden POTUS social media transfer 2021, who is who

by George Mensah

Joe Biden was today sworn in as America’s 46th President. This peaceful transfer of power not only involves the metaphorical keys to the White House, but also admin power to “official” social media accounts and website. As in the previous couple of Presidents of the United States.

Twitter accounts flipped as at 12:01 pm on January 20, 2021. Biden now manages @WhiteHouse, @POTUS,@FLOTUS; @PressSec, @VP, and @SecondGentleman, respectively. This is the first time, of course, that the @SecondGentleman handle is used officially by the US administration.

The big Biden POTUS social media transfer 2021: Who controls what

Kamala Harris is the first woman vice president in the United States of America and the first color vice president. Douglas Emhoff, the first important male of the Vice President, is Kamala Harris’ uncle. Emhoff is thus the first Second Gentleman.

No First Gentlemen as such has yet existed. When a US president has another important one, called Gentlemen, a First Gentleman would be there. @FirstGentleman is actually run by a sir named Ma$on.

The Second Gentleman account is one of several new and fresh – with fewer tweets in this account on day 1. Instead, those accounts have been moved. For example, the contents and followers of Biden’s @Transition46 account were transferred to @WhiteHouse, and @PresElectBiden became @POTUS.

Harris @SenKamalaHarris was promoted to @VP, @FLOTUS @FLOTUSBiden inherited, and @PressSec now has a full @PresseSecPsaki entry. The POTUS trump tweets are archived in the @POTUS45 folder.

OF NOTE: Only for the second time has this kind of social media transmission taken place. The Obama administration has taken on the role of the president of the White House and so on in the social media. This power shift is now part of the official transition. Official to the degree that this is possible, provided that the social media brands who manage the platforms grant true ownership over these accounts.

This afternoon, the WhiteHouse Facebook account, which has recently been moved, is now operated by the Biden administration. Similarly, the “WhiteHouse” account and POTUS account in Instagram

Twitter explains how it will transfer White House and POTUS accounts to Biden next week

Within 2 weeks of President Donald Trump having started his own Twitter account, President-elect Joe Biden will be handed over to the bureaucratic White House and his administration’s Potus accounts.

In this photo illustration the official page of the President elect of the United States, Joe Biden, on Twitter seen displayed on a smartphone.

Twitter identified in a blog post on Thursday his plans for Wednesday’s opening day. The plans include the archiving of various official accounts, the handles transfer to the Biden team and all attempts to coordinate abuse on the site.

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But as Twitter is planning for the move, the team of Biden already took measures to build his following. Twitter said the transition was not going to happen automatically last year, as did when the accounts were moved from the former President Barack Obama team to Trump’s. Instead tens of millions of current @WhiteHouse, @POTUS and others obey their own administrator when accounts change hands. will opt to follow incoming administration.

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