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The date Facebook is notified by Apple app tracking transparency

by George Mensah

Apple will be launching a new iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and tvOS 14 update starting in ‘early spring’ and needing transparency monitoring applications. Users can view app requests for permission on iPhone, iPad, or Apple’s TV Settings, and “make changes as they see fit.” The Apple’s latest update, first with Apple’s next beta update, “will require applications to get user permission before they track data across apps or websites owned by other companies.”

Apple App Tracking Transparency release date puts Facebook on notice

Facebook will be mainly affected by this update to monitor transparency, particularly in other data trackers. Apple uses Facebook as the primary example of how to request an app to monitor transparency. Users will be seen above the “data privacy day at Apple: enhancing transparency and empowerment users” shared by Apple today in its release.

In addition to an already active “privacy nutrition label” for any program in iOS, iPadOS and tvOS, the latest permission systems are being introduced. “There is standardized, readable information on the basis of the development practices self-reported to the developer in every product page of the Apple product store.”

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Ideally, this gives users more power, particularly when monitoring that else would go unnoticed, about the companies tracking their behavior on Apple devices. This is likely to affect how many applications also make money – when more than a few make money from monitoring services from third parties. They are “in the center of what it means to be human,” as does the one who says.

Apple also published a paper entitled A Day in Your Data, complete with Steve Jobs’ quote. “I think people are intelligent and some want to share more knowledge than others. Only ask them. Ask them. Every time, ask them. Please ask them to stop asking if they are tired of asking. Let them know exactly what your data can do” (Steve Jobs, All Things Digital Conference, 2010).

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