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The game, No Man’s Sky Companions update

by George Mensah

Ever after launch, the unusual fauna you meet on most of the planets you visit is one of the cornerstones of No Man’s Sky. Almost positive players

No Man’s Sky Companions update gives you a spacefaring travel buddy

The Companions update, as the name implies, lets you tame the alien life you are meeting and make them your animals. It sounds like you can dress up any way of life, however big and tiny you are, and after they have been dressed, several new gameplay options are being developed.

For example, No Man’s Sky developer Hallo Games says compagnes can fly with players when visiting the planets and spacestation in a blog post that explains the Companions update. Pets have a broad range of skills, as they can be trained “to scan resources, to identify hazards, to provide light, hunt hazardous fauna, to locate settlements, to dig up buried treasures and even my own mining lasers for materials with their own shoulder mounted lasers”

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You can also pick up well-preserved companions, besides taming and educating these beasts. Accompanions that are very well looked after are going to lay eggs which can then be broken or given to other players and Hello Games says you can also plunge into an egg sequence in the Space Anomaly to alter the species of the creature until it has broken out.

So, if you’re No Man’s Sky fans who want more possibilities to interact with alien life, this update will be yours. The No Man’s Sky website contains full patch markings but otherwise all No Man’s Sky platforms – PS4, PS5, PC, Steam VR, Xbox One, andXbox Series X|S – are updated live today.

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