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The Genesis X Convertible Removes The Roof From A Luxury EV

A white behemoth inspired by sacred cranes

by George Mensah

Genesis has been on a roll in terms of design and electrification, and if the new X Convertible concept is any sign, it isn’t about to stop soon. The new drop-top completes a trilogy of recent Genesis X concept cars, all fully electric previews of what tomorrow’s luxury vehicle might look like.

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The Genesis X Concept debuted in early 2021. That hinted at a new Genesis grille design, as well as an exaggeration of the automaker’s whisker-like light signature. It also extensively used recycled and non-traditional materials, such as cabin fabrics made from leftover leather scraps.

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The Genesis X Speedium Coupe followed in April 2022. It eschewed the traditional grille in favor of a light-bar-banded aesthetic with nods to the automaker’s current design language, making it more aggressive and distinctively electrified. It also promised to be a broad preview of Genesis’ future models.

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Now it’s the Genesis X Convertible’s turn to enter a segment — electric open-tops — that’s still relatively uncommon at the moment. It has a folding hardtop roof with transparent sections above the front row that can be opened completely to let all four occupants feel the wind in their hair.

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There’s a long hood and short overhangs, as well as a distinctive quad-light signature. Similar lights are used on the rear of a concave elliptical duck’s tail and aerodynamically designed the wheels concave dishes.

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Meanwhile, the interior is another driver-centric concept with a wraparound asymmetric finish. Genesis claims that the Giwa Navy and Dancheong Orange color scheme is a nod to traditional Korean roof architecture, and that I made it of recyclable wool fabric and leather.


Unfortunately for would-be EV convertible buyers, Genesis has not discussed production plans for the X Convertible. We can expect to see hints of these designs in successors to current electric models such as the GV60 and Electrified G80.

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