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The hidden truth Behind Nvidia’s ‘All-Seeing Eye’ Logo

by George Mensah

Nvidia’s ubiquitous green eye logo has now made its way into PCs all over the world, but what does it mean and how does it relate to the company’s name? Nvidia has come to be associated with graphics processing units (GPUs), a technology that has also influenced the future of self-driving cars. However, one could assume that its logo represents AI governance or simply the stunning visuals that its graphics cards are known for. While those aren’t entirely incorrect, it appears that there’s a lot more to Nvidia’s logo and the company’s name.

In fact, when the company first began, it didn’t even have a name. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang explained to Fortune that he and co-founders Chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem couldn’t think of a name, so they labeled all their files “NV,” which stood for “next version.” However, the company still needed a proper name, so its founders looked for words that contained those two letters. The name “stuck” after a chance encounter with the Latin word “invidia.” The question now is how this relates to the now-famous Nvidia eye logo that appears on the majority of gaming rigs on the market.

What does the Nvidia logo mean?

In many ways, Nvidia’s logo says a lot about the company, and there are several clues that could lead the eye to the origins of its name. To begin with, the name means “envy” in Latin, and Nvidia reportedly used the tagline “green with envy” to promote some of its GPU lineup (via wccftech). Although this fits with the company’s logo and color scheme, the word’s etymology is also linked to the word “vision.” When it was founded in 1993, Nvidia foresaw a multibillion-dollar industry before it had even bloomed.

Even before gaming PCs existed, the company anticipated that computers would become a popular gaming product (via Nvidia). Jensen Huang not only received the highest honor in the semiconductor industry over two decades later, but his company had also surpassed industry rival and pioneer Intel in valuation (via VentureBeat). According to Fortune, Nvidia’s eye can now be found in various graphics and AI-related hardware and software, as well as a tattoo on its CEO’s arm. Of course, vision is as important in the company’s philosophy as it is in its graphical application.

Nvidia saw the bigger picture

Huang spoke at Stanford in 2011 about the importance of vision and perspective in achieving goals. Nvidia was the only company that saw potential in consumer GPUs in its early days. According to Huang, this prompted about 70 other start-ups to follow suit years later. However, the visionary CEO did not want to stop there, believing that 3D graphics could have far-reaching applications beyond video games. Huang explained at an MSOE conference how Nvidia was envisioning the industry’s future rather than simply developing products.


Because Nvidia’s market was virtually non-existent when it first started, Huang wanted to “democratize” its own graphics hardware and software in the hopes of spawning a new industry. This provided a platform for everyone, from game developers to software engineers, with GPU applications eventually expanding into other sectors such as healthcare and automotive. What were the outcomes? Among all of its competitors, Huang emphasized that Nvidia is the only independently operating company left standing. In some ways, Nvidia’s eye logo is a fitting representation of how its vision led to its success, whereas the word “envy” is a byproduct of exactly that when it comes to its competitors.

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