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The Next Apple Watch Pro Could Tip The Balance Again

by George Mensah

Samsung’s debut of its first pro smartwatch polarized wearables enthusiasts. Some customers may object to its larger size, but the promise of significantly longer battery life for a Wear OS device is difficult to dismiss. Of course, Samsung isn’t the only big name rumored to release an ultra-rugged smartwatch designed for people who live life to the fullest — it simply outdid Apple, which is expected to launch an Apple Watch Pro model with an Extreme suffix at its event in early September. Although Apple’s first super-durable and longer-lasting smartwatch may make headlines this year, one source claims that next year’s model will turn heads instead.

The Apple Watch Pro, formerly known as the Apple Watch Extreme, has been circulating for quite some time in the rumor mill. The rumored model is said to be an even more premium version of the already expensive smartwatch, with a larger screen and a longer battery life. It’s no coincidence that those are the same characteristics that distinguish the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro from its regular sibling.

According to the leaks, this Pro smartwatch will appeal to a small subset of the Apple Watch audience; it’s specifically designed for more sporty wearers who don’t want to wear an obviously sporty smartwatch. The anticipated model’s larger size, on the other hand, may turn off some interested buyers, limiting its reach once more. More importantly, compared to the regular Apple Watch, this year’s debut model may not have much to offer.

Apple Watch 9 Pro may be the real attention grabber

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This smart Pro According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman’s newsletter (via 9to5Mac), next year’s Apple Watch Pro could change the game for Apple’s smartwatches: it could be the first model to support the long-rumored low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity. That’s more than just a marketing gimmick; it’s a feature that could literally save lives.

Earlier rumors of this feature had people speculating about much faster data connectivity for the Apple Watch, but that may be too much to hope for. Instead, satellite connectivity will be used in emergency situations, allowing first responders to pinpoint a wearer’s location even when they are out of range of a cellular tower. However, there is still a chance that the feature will be used for internet and phone calls over LEO satellites, though this may not happen for a long time. That functionality would be heavily reliant on negotiations with carriers and service providers, so it is unlikely to occur when the feature first launches.


Apple Watch smartwatches are already well-known for their health-monitoring features, which have saved lives by alerting wearers to critical dangers before they occur. At the same time, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that the smartwatch’s emergency features have saved people in accidents. With satellite connectivity, the chances of this happening significantly increase, especially when wearers go off-road and off the grid, potentially cementing the Apple Watch’s image as a life-saving device as well as a status symbol.

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