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This is how Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap is shipping again

by George Mensah
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The new standalone VR device by Oculus should be a no-brainer update to the Quest line, but some controversies have sadly marred its existence. Some of it is not the fault of Oculus Quest 2, to be honest, as the takeover of Facebook has been anything but smooth. There are however, some complaints about the system itself and its official accessories, especially the Elite Strap and the Battery Elite Strap, which are now finally available again after questioning the quality of the straps.

Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap is now shipping again

The $49 Elite Harness, while technically an accessory, comes as a highly recommended buy. It replaces the Quest 2 cloth strap with something more comfortable and more sturdy and effective, at least in principle. Sadly, much like the overall experience of Quest 2, things are not as they appeared to be.

A increasing number of owners have reported snapping and breaking Elite Straps of both kinds. Taking the brace into account helps to protect the $300 VR headset on your head, which is undoubtedly a worrying discovery for users. To its credit, despite its arguments that it only affects a small percentage of its clients, Facebook immediately stopped orders for the straps and told the remaining ones to cancel theirs.

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It then told UploadVR that a manufacturing inconsistency during the manufacture of the Elite Straps was the root cause. Those have not been resolved and new straps are beginning to go back in stock, hopefully better. And Facebook is extending the Elite Strap’s warranty from one year to two, starting from the date of purchase or delivery, depending on how it was purchased, to reassure Quest 2 members.

In reality, the Elite Strap issue may be the least of the concerns of Oculus Quest 2. The decision by Facebook to require a Facebook account to use the VR system not only faces serious criticism, but also at least in Germany, an antitrust investigation. The necessity also has its own technological and social issues, such as when Facebook blocks your account deliberately or unintentionally, locking you out of your VR headset that has nothing to do with social networking.

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