Home news Twitter has been temporarily suspended Badge Access in the Wake of Resignation Panic

Twitter has been temporarily suspended Badge Access in the Wake of Resignation Panic

Twitter descends into chaos, again

by George Mensah

Elon Musk’s attempt to make his workforce more “hardcore” appears to have blown up as spectacularly as a failed SpaceX launch. The billionaire made most of his fortune at companies like Tesla, which have similar working policies to the ones he was attempting to implement at Twitter. When given the option of accepting longer hours and a more intense workload, where “only exceptional performance” earns a passing grade, much of the staff chose the other option, resignation.

It also gave staff the same severance package as their colleagues who were laid off earlier this month: three months’ pay. Hundreds of people may have viewed the email as a lifeline rather than a threat. I said hundreds of employees to have denied Musk’s request or simply failed to respond by the deadline of 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

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Combined with the mass layoffs earlier this month, which saw around half of the company’s staff leave, several employees fired for allegedly badmouthing the billionaire, and thousands of contractors laid off, the company may now operate on a skeleton crew, if at all. The video, titled “A Fork in the Road,” was created to prepare the employee base for the transition.

According to The Verge, hundreds of employees expressed their intention to oppose Musk’s plans via the company’s Slack channel. According to one employee “My timeline concludes with Twitter 1.0. I do not want to be a part of Twitter 2.0.” Employees’ access to the company’s building has reportedly been suspended because of the apparent mass resignation. Musk is said to have made a similar move shortly before the mass layoffs began, both times to avoid sabotage from a disgruntled ex-employee. I announced the suspension of badges via email, and I expect the affected employees to lose access until Monday.

However, Musk and his company may have bigger concerns than Slack insults and a few disgruntled employees. According to reports, the mass resignations have completely depleted some of the company’s most critical engineering teams. One engineer told CNBC before resigning that “entire teams representing critical infrastructure are voluntarily departing the company, leaving the company at serious risk of being able to recover.”


According to Platformer’s Zo Schiffer, the team in charge of revamping Twitter Blue has also left. If Twitter survives, Blue’s it may delay relaunch once more. Teams critical to the business’ infrastructure, including the team responsible for maintaining Twitter’s core system libraries, are said to have “completely or nearly completely” resigned, with many of the departing employees expecting the social media platform to gradually fail over the coming weeks. Even Musk appears to be aware of the situation. The entrepreneur’s most recent tweet appears to be a self-referential joke. “How does one become a social media millionaire? Begin with a large one.”

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