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Twitter Is Testing Verified Phone Number, Tweet View Count Labels

by George Mensah

Twitter is testing a couple of new labels that confirm an account’s connection to a phone number and aid in determining how popular a tweet is.

The new labels were discovered by well-known frontend engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who has a long history of discovering new Twitter features, according to The Verge(Opens in a new window). The first new label(Opens in a new window) adds to a Twitter profile a small shield icon and the words “Verified phone number.” Verifying a phone number is already part of the “blue check” process, but this appears to be a way to make the option more widely available.

The second new label(Opens in a new window) gives each tweet an eye icon and a tweet view count. By doing so, it shows other users how many people read the tweet rather than relying solely on Like and retweet counts to determine how popular a tweet was.

It’s worth noting for the verified phone number label that Twitter allows all accounts to add a phone number for enhanced security, and that one number can be associated with up to ten accounts. However, given the recent zero-day exploit that allowed access to Twitter user data, many users may be hesitant to share their phone number with the service.


The tweet view count label is certainly a “nice to have,” but I suspect that if they make it through the testing phase, both new labels will be rolled out exclusively as options for Twitter Blue subscribers. With the price of Twitter Blue recently increasing to $4.99 per month, it requires all new features it can get.

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