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Twitter May See a Change in CEO by the Close of 2023

To become Twitter's next CEO, you must be... foolish

by George Mensah

Elon Musk, the notorious tech mogul, made a rather intriguing announcement regarding his departure from Twitter’s CEO position. Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Musk divulged that he plans to relinquish control of the social media platform by the end of the year, however, the identity of his successor remains a mystery.

The financial health of Twitter has become a cause of concern lately, presenting itself as one of the biggest challenges for the company. Musk, to cost-cutting, has resorted to shutting down office spaces, reducing employee benefits, and auctioning off opulent office supplies like coffee machines. The effects of his miserliness have even extended to the unfortunate matter of malodorous washrooms.

The recent overhaul of Twitter’s monetization strategy has not been particularly successful either, failing to captivate users. Even with the hyped Twitter Blue subscription service and publicized exchange with Stephen King, the $8 monthly fee failed to attract substantial subscribers. Musk’s controversial behavior has left advertisers disenchanted, causing them to defect from the platform in droves. Twitter’s decision to end the free APIs era has elicited public outrage.

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Elon Musk has proclaimed his intentions to relinquish his position as Twitter’s CEO, stating that he will most likely identify a suitable replacement toward the end of this year. Musk views this timing as opportune since I expect the company to be in a stable position by the conclusion of 2023. During a conversation about his decision, Musk characterized Twitter as “a startup in reverse” and mentioned that he thinks the company is overstaffed.

However, the search for a successor is predicted to be a significant challenge, given Musk’s erratic personality and his penchant for firing people frequently. It is uncertain what Musk’s position will be at Twitter after stepping down from his role as CEO. He tweeted he would “just run the software & servers teams,” but a poll in which his followers voted in favor of him leaving the CEO position preceded this statement.


Musk believes that to become Twitter’s next CEO, one must be “foolish enough” and willing to invest their life savings in a company that is at risk of going bankrupt. This may have been a metaphorical statement from the billionaire, who enjoys making jokes about weed on Twitter but claims otherwise in court. Being a cute dog might even suffice for the job.

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