Using WhatsApp on iOS and Android, users can now move their chat history between devices.


Any Samsung device running Android 10 or higher can take advantage of the feature for the time being Later this year, other Android devices will be able to use it as well. On their new device, the users will find an option to securely transfer chats from their old device. Although a USB-C to Lightning cable is required (the kind included with current iPhone models), it can be done.

WhatsApp now allows users to transfer chat history from iOS to Android

App version or higher of the Samsung SmartSwitch app is needed for iPhone-to-Samsung data transfer Aside from that, users must have WhatsApp on their iOS device with version or higher installed. This means that WhatsApp Android version or higher is required on the device they’re moving to.

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Unrelatedly, users must keep their old phone number on the new phone in order to make it work properly. Also, the Android device must be brand new or reverted to its factory default settings in order to be used. As a result of the transfer process, the old device’s WhatsApp is not deleted or erased. Unless the user deletes the data, it will remain there and available. In addition, since the data cannot be uploaded to a cloud without a cable, this is an advantage.

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