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Walmart’s voice ordering feature gets support for Siri

by George Mensah

Walmart Voice Order, the company’s feature for ordering items using voice commands, now supports Apple’s Siri assistant. The new support brings Walmart Voice Ordering to Macs, iPhones and iPads, the Apple Watch, and even CarPlay and HomePod smart speakers. The Siri support joins previously added compatibility with Google Assistant.

Walmart Voice Order was first announced in early April as a way for customers to add items to their shopping cart using simple voice commands. In addition to simplifying the process for those who may struggle to use the company’s mobile app, the feature makes it easy to add new items to the shopping cart while searching through cupboards or the fridge.

The feature launched with support for Google Assistant — it’s no surprise that Alexa was missing given Amazon’s competing Prime Pantry service. Starting today, Apple device owners can link their Walmart account in order to tell Siri to add specific products to their shopping cart.

The process is simple: users trigger the process by saying, “Hey Siri, Add to Walmart.” The assistant acknowledges the request and then asks what the user would like to add to their cart. From there, the user simply says the items they want to purchase, such as ‘Yogurt’ or ‘Apples.’ These items are automatically placed in the Walmart shopping cart, which can be reviewed later on.

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Walmart’s system is able to narrow down the items to add based on the customer’s past shopping habits. For example, Walmart says that if the customer simply tells Siri to add orange juice to their shopping cart, its app will choose the no-pulp version they usually buy, eliminating the need to say those exact details. The order can be used with Walmart’s pickup and delivery services.

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