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Wear OS Tiles have started selling out to some costumers

by George Mensah
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Wear OS Tiles have started selling out to some costumers

Just when you thought Google has primarily forgotten about the other incarnations of Android, it published a few updates associated to these simply earlier than Google I/O subsequent week. Wear OS, formerly regarded as Android Wear, isn’t getting a important overhaul again but it is getting a new essential feature referred to as Tiles. And extra than simply the advanced announcement, it seems that Google is additionally pushing the function to customers in advance as well.

wears os tiles

Tiles are to Wear OS what home screen widgets are to Android phones. They are, in effect, quick access screen for wearers’ most often used apps and information. Google’s brief announcement focused on ease of use through simple swipe gestures.


Google also didn’t put a date on when or how Tiles will roll out to users but, with I/O 2019 just round the corner, it was predicted to kick off next week. So owners of some Wear OS smartwatches had been caught by using surprise when they started seeing Tiles on their wrists.

There doesn’t seem to be a sample to it, though, as the replace looks to hit a random mix of brands and models. Those including the TicWatch E, Fossil Sport, and even the almost historic LG Watch Urbane. It is, in other words, a server-side replace with no way to pressure it on the user’s end.

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While Tiles does deliver some thing new to the Wear OS table, it remains to be viewed if such a characteristic will be adequate to revive interest in the platform. Based on a recent study, it desperately wishes that revival to expand its market share from near-irrelevance.


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