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Why Apple Watch Pro May Not Have Sensors

by George Mensah

With some intriguing newcomers to the smartwatch industry expected to debut this year, it looks like we’re in for a treat. Next month, Samsung is anticipated to release the Galaxy Watch 5, which could signal a permanent break from its recognizable revolving bezel. Of course, Google will finally release its very first wristwatch, the Pixel Watch, with a look that may catch people’s attention. The Apple Watch Pro, which may bring about the first upgrade to the company’s smartwatch lineup in a very long time, is another option. However, even though this Apple Watch in its more robust form might provide a few novelties,

If it is indeed called the Apple Watch Pro, it is expected to be larger than any previous Apple Watch model that has been made available so far. This assertion is supported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who claims that its screen will be 7% larger and have a “new look” (via 9to5Mac). Although he points out that this will be Apple’s first design change in four years (if the rumor is accurate), it won’t be as significant as some might have anticipated or expected.

The suspected Apple Watch model won’t be circular, assuming that was ever a possibility, at least not in accordance with the most recent claim. It also isn’t expected to feature the flat sides that have been speculated about since last year. According to reports, the model will continue to have a basic rectangular form with rounded sides, just like every other Apple Watch now in use. According to the reporter, it will purportedly be made of titanium to match those particularly demanding specifications.

Body temperature in, blood pressure out

This Apple Watch Pro is anticipated to come with features meant to keep up with a lifestyle geared at high-performance athletes and extremely active people. Gurman asserts that this athletic edition and the standard Apple Watch Series 8 will both feature a new sensor that can track the wearer’s body temperature. The research asserts that the additional sensors on everyone’s wish list are still a ways off.


His estimate predicts that a cuff-free blood pressure monitor won’t be available until 2025. This has long been considered the pinnacle of smartwatch technology, but it has proven to be more difficult than ECG. However, the capacity to measure blood glucose levels without collecting blood is still many years away and might not even be practical by the end of the decade.

Gurman thinks that the Apple Watch Pro will therefore only appeal to a very small set of people who do desire a larger screen on their wrists. The possibility of a longer battery life is one factor that might persuade those outside of that category to choose this device, though it may still be a stretch. Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 8 is anticipated to include a CPU that is based on the chip used in the Series 6 from two years ago, which could deter current Apple Watch owners from upgrading this year.

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