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Windows 11 now makes up over 20% of Steam users

by George Mensah
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What you need to know

21% of all Steam users are on Windows 11, according to the latest Steam hardware survey.

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Windows 10 is still the most popular operating system among Steam users, holding a usage share of over 71%.

Windows 11 usage rose by 1.64% in June, which pushed it over the 20% mark.

Windows 11 is gaining popularity among Steam users. According to a Steam hardware survey conducted in June 2022, 21.23 percent of Steam users are using Microsoft’s newer operating system. The usage rate of Windows 11 is significantly lower than that of Windows 10 (71.26 percent), which is not surprising. In general, gamers are slow to adopt new operating systems. Furthermore, even some of the best pre-built gaming PCs fail to meet the Windows 11 minimum requirements.

Windows 11 has been available for about nine months. It has some gaming-specific features, such as Auto HDR and DirectStorage, but they aren’t enough to entice everyone to switch. PC gamers are primarily concerned with stability, desired framerate, and game compatibility. Even if Windows 11 has some nice gaming features, people are unlikely to upgrade if they believe it will interfere with the smooth operation of their favorite games.

Having said that, the fact that Windows 11 has been used by more than one in every five Steam gamers in less than nine months since its release is commendable. PC gamers were famously slow to move away from Windows 7. It appears that Windows 11 will be more widely adopted than previous versions of Windows.


The Steam hardware survey collects data from customers voluntarily and anonymously. As a result, the exact figures aren’t the survey’s main focus. AMD or Intel stock, for example, is unlikely to fluctuate based on a few tenths of a percentage point swing in the Steam hardware survey. Instead, the data can be used to extrapolate general trends in Steam’s overall user base.

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