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Xbox Game Pass ends with Dirt 5 on Elite February

by George Mensah

The games will end late in the month, and we will be firmly set in mid-February, which means that Microsoft has given mid-month Xbox’s Game Pass updates. Today the update was very slim, with only seven new additions revealed by the Game Pass requirements. Some of the games which are added to the list of Xbox Game Pass are also fantastic names.

We are firmly in mid- February, so Microsoft released an update for the Xbox Game Pass in the middle of the month, outlining the games to come on service in the end of the month. The latest Game Pass standards update was relatively slim with just seven new additions being revealed. Here are some of the titles that have been added to the Xbox Game Pass list.

With regard to this new slate, Dirt 5 certainly will get some ears to play, as it is one of the few Xbox X Series games available. Dirt 5 will also play on the Xbox One, but the ones who want to get some miles out are probably going to owe it a download of the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S. Another title worth the bandwidth with its team oriented strategy gameplay is Killer Queen Black, and that’s particularly true if you have friends with you.

In addition to these new games to the Game Pass, Microsoft has also announced a number of cloud-compatible games that are soon to be powered by Xbox touch. On February 18th, you’ll be able to stream them to Android without any controllern, Bridge Constructor Portal, Morkredd, Neoverse, The Nowhere Prophet, Spiritfarer, The Little Acre, and Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair will have touch controls.

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Finally we have a list of games to be left until the end of February for Xbox Game Move. We will see Momodora on February 24, 2012, in Dirt 5, Mother Russia, Oxenfree, The Jackbox Party Pack 4, and Vambrace: Col Soul leaves the service. The next Momodora will take place on February 24, 2015. If one of these games is around you, make sure you finish them in a couple of weeks’ time before you leave the Xbox Game Pass.

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