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Xbox Series X video shows Master Chief the way you’ve never seen him before

by George Mensah

Microsoft’s Xbox Series ad campaign was definitively a little unusual, but it takes an entirely different standard with the new ad from the big M. It’s less a typical ad and more a video when it comes to 3:31 and it features some major names. Taika Waititi, who led films like Ragnarok and Jojo Rabbit, has been explicitly directing the video.

This Xbox Series X video shows Master Chief like you’ve never seen him before

This video is called Lucid odyssey, which can be considered as “Power Your Dreams” in Xbox Series X. The video is all about MoonLiteWolf and his dreams, as documented after playing Xbox Series X. His dreams have been captured with “Targeted Dreamer incubation” in which MoonLiteWolf was “led to a sleep-state, called hypnagogia, tracked by the Hypnodyne (EEG).”

When she reached that state, she was asked to remember her dreams, and then the video you saw embedded above had been asked of Taika Waititi. The end result is undoubtedly odd, and it definitely does not mislead the visual picture of MoonLiteWolf’s tripty dreams.

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For example take a segment in which none but Master Chief is revealed as a DJ, but apparently also a human cat. In this video Master Chief eventually removes the mask, but it is definitely not the face showing that fans wait.

In any case, it is never bad to see more items in Taika Waititi, and at least this Xbox Series X video can start the discussion rather than merely displaying a bunch of gameplay clips. We believe that the Microsoft Xbox Series X advertising will quiet down somewhat while we get out of the boot, but we will take all the weird stuff we can get right now.

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