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Xbox Series X|S Boot Time Reduced and how you can fix it

by George Mensah

Due to their potent solid state drives and cutting-edge processing capability, the Xbox Series X and its more affordable predecessor, the Xbox Series S, are renowned for their rapid startup times. However, depending on whether you’re using the Energy-saving option or the Instant-on mode—the latter of which causes the Xbox Series X and S to boot up in just a few seconds—the boot-up speeds can vary greatly. For those who are unaware, overheating Xbox Series X or S consoles can be fixed using the former Energy-saving mode.

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These two modes can vary in a number of rather notable ways. Running your Series X or Series S in Instant-on mode, for example, can minimize bootup times and keep your Xbox connected to the Xbox mobile app, which offers its own set of remote features, but at the expense of greater background energy use. With energy-saving mode, though, you can still download and install games and apps and even use the well-liked Quick Resume option before your console is effectively turned off when you’re done with it.

However, when in Energy-saving mode, it takes a much longer to restart. According to the official Xbox website, the maximum wait time for a boot is roughly 45 seconds, however in practice, the wait time is usually around 20 to 25 seconds. Although it’s important to note that the same upgrade does not further reduce bootup times for users of Instant-on, standard load times can now be drastically reduced thanks to the most recent version.

How to decrease the Xbox Series X and S bootup animation time

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The Xbox’s bootup time in Energy-saving mode might be lowered to roughly 15 seconds thanks to a future upgrade that is now being tested through the Xbox Insider program. The Xbox Insider program received the Alpha (2208.220720-2200) version of this peek on July 22. The Xbox bootup times in Energy-saving mode may be greatly reduced, according to Xbox Integrated Marketing Director Josh Munsee, who verified the functionality on Twitter despite the patch notes’ lack of a particular assertion to the contrary.


That being said, unless you wait for an official release or sign up for the Xbox Insider program, you won’t be able to take advantage of the update’s advantages, including the quicker boot speeds when in Energy-saving mode. The procedure for enrolling in the Xbox Insider program is rather straightforward and can be repeated in a few steps if you are not already an Insider.

Navigate to the Xbox Series X or S dashboard.

Go to the Store.

Search for “insider” in the search tab.

Select the Xbox Insider bundle from the menu.

Install the bundle.

Confirm any additional windows that appear.

Return to your dashboard.

Go to the Xbox Insider Hub.

Select the Previews option.

Navigate to the latest preview build

You may sign up for the Xbox Insider program on a PC running Windows 10 or 11 by using the Microsoft Store app. Similar to when Microsoft allowed Insiders to play “Minecraft” with raytracing capability ahead of the broader gaming public, you will need to search for “insider” and then install the Xbox Insider Hub software on your PC to take part in this preview.

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