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Xiaomi says its new Mi Watch only needs charging twice a month

by George Mensah

From the Mi Watch’s digital crown to its curved rectangle face, Xiaomi wasn’t shy about Apple’s influence over its first smartwatch. But the Chinese corporation seems to be drawing proposal from someplace else for the first smartwatch its designed to be offered overseas. It will first be launched in components of Europe for 99 euros, which converts to about $115 (£90, $AU160) earlier than a wider international rollout.

The Mi Watch, launched globally in an online-only event on Wednesday alongside a top rate line of Mi phones, has a round 1.39-inch face and a decidedly athletic aesthetic. Its display is made of tempered glass whilst its interchangeable straps are crafted from thermoplastic polyurethane, which is a kind of bendy plastic. There are greater than 100 watch faces to pick out from, the organisation says.

Apart from an overhauled look, the Mi Watch gives a 117 one-of-a-kind exercising modes which include swimming, and it relies on a PPG sensor for heart-rate tracking and blood oxygen level (SpO2) monitoring. Similar to the Apple Watch 6, the Mi Watch is not a scientific device, however wearers are predicted to use it to reveal their wellness.

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Xiaomi says the watch additionally presents “additional indicators” on sleep cycles, stress ranges and power ranges as well as environmental facts along with air pressure and elevation. Other extraordinary aspects consist of extended battery existence it is quoted to remaining 16 days and shutter mode that lets you take images straight from your wrist with the aid of the use of the watch as remote for your phone. It’s unclear whether the smartwatch will last 16 days if you use all of its features or whether or not you’ll solely get that tons battery existence if you switch to a much less energy intensive mode that restricts usable features. It’s possibly that the latter is the case, which is partly how Oppo’s brand new smartwatch offers on its prolonged battery life. The Mi Watch is powered by using an Apollo 3 chipset and runs on RTOS.

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