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You Can Now Buy An Xbox Series X|S From Verizon

by George Mensah

The newest Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s most potent Xbox console to date (and not to be confused with the Xbox One X from the previous generation), is still rather hard to find at big-box stores like Amazon and Walmart. The Series S, the Series X’s less powerful sister, is typically available at major retailers in good supply, so gamers aren’t completely out of luck. The latter is available for a pitiful $300, no less, as opposed to the $500 price of the Series X.

However, it appears like a brand-new Xbox shop is poised to enter the market. Verizon is often known for offering wireless and cellular internet services to its clients, but thanks to a recent relationship with Microsoft, it will also soon offer the latest Xbox Series X and Series S consoles through the Xbox All Access package. The only drawback is that this is more of a loan than a direct purchase, and instead of paying in full up front, you’ll need to pay off the console over the course of 24 months in monthly installments, just as you would with a smartphone.

There are also new collaboration agreements that are bringing Xbox gaming to new client bases that may not have previously had access to the Xbox platform. Microsoft and Samsung previously announced a partnership that would bring the Xbox Cloud Gaming service to Samsung TV models starting in 2022. Anyone with an Xbox Game Pass subscription can use the aforementioned service to stream games from the extensive Xbox Cloud Gaming library directly to their smart TVs as long as they have a controller and a strong internet connection.

Verizon is offering a few of its own deals

In a blog post published on July 26 about the anticipated Xbox Series X and S offering, Verizon PR Manager George Koroneos stated, “It’s Xbox time! Beginning on July 28, Verizon will partner with Microsoft to offer Xbox All Access in a few locations and online, demonstrating once more that it is the best network for gamers.”


Don’t be duped by the pricing; Verizon says the entire package will cost as little as $24.99 per month over 24 months, but that’s a little deceiving. That sum refers to the price of an Xbox Series S rather than a Series X. Given that an Xbox Series S and two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate would ordinarily come to $660, the total comes to roughly $600, which is still a really good price. The Series X will cost roughly $840 in total, or $34.99 each month, saving you about $20 overall. Additionally, Verizon is providing a number of discounts, including a 50% discount on an Xbox Elite Controller, a $40 discount on the Xbox Stereo headset, and a 25% discount on the top-tier Razer Wolverine V2 Xbox controller.

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