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Your Android updates are getting faster, says Google

by George Mensah

Google advised this week that they are in the system of “accelerating Android updates.” It’s viable they’re set to cross the future of Android updates to a greater rapid vicinity with deployment throughout all units – however their wording stays indistinct adequate that they’ll locate potential deniability ought to a predominant smartphone ever show up in the information for its lack of motion in the Android OS updates ecosystem.
Included in a launch this week from Google had been numerous leaders in Android software. Eddie Hsu (Technical Program Manager), Brent VerWeyst (Product Manager), Maya Ben Ari (Product Manager), Amith Dsouza (Technical Account Manager), and Iliyan Malchev (Project Treble Architect) launched an replace on how Android updates are going and will be going in the future.

“Over the previous few years we’ve added new abilities that allow us to supply updates greater uniformly, quickly, and efficaciously to Android devices,” wrote Hsu and crew. “These skills include…” and they listing Project Treble, brought in Android Oreo, Android Pie’s GSI (Generic System Images) and the launch of the OEM developer preview program.


They additionally cited that in Android 10, Google “started updating elements of the OS immediately with the aid of Google Play gadget updates.” That’s phase of the application recognised as Project Mainline.
Google confirmed that adoption of Android 10 “has been quicker than any preceding variations of Android.” Per their calculations, Android 10 may want to be discovered on one hundred million Android units at the 5 month checkpoint after launch, a full 28% quicker than adoption of Android 9 Pie over the equal length of time.

From this factor forward, Google will be focusing on the following “major subject matters in updatability” for Android. OEM Developer Preview, Google Play machine update, Generic Kernel Image (GKI), and Virtual A/B.

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Google let it be recognised this week that their modern-day OTA mechanism, Virtual A/B, will be the go-to gadget for OTA (over the air) updates for Android from this factor forward. “We are working intently with our OEM companions to start enforcing Virtual A/B in Android eleven devices, making OTAs as frictionless as possible. Going forward, Virtual A/B will be the solely supported OTA mechanism in Android.”

Let’s hope this skill we’ll get extra updates to extra units quicker than ever earlier than – go your fingers!

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