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YouTube PiP mode stops working on iOS 14, without for Premium subscribers

by George Mensah

Many buyers have expressed frustration over YouTube’s pushy Premium marketing, which regular customers with prompts encouraging them to signal up for the service. The organization may additionally have taken matters to a new stage for iPhone users, though, by apparently disabling their capacity to use the system’s picture-in-picture mode until they pay for the subscription service. Users are, pretty understandably, no longer completely satisfied with this change.

As with the iPad earlier than it, iPhone customers get right of entry to picture-in-picture viewing with iOS 14, enabling customers to watch a video whilst doing different matters on their phone, such as texting or enjoying a game. Similar performance is handy on Mac computers, as properly as sure Android smartphones — it is, arguably, a simple characteristic given how massive and high-resolution contemporary cellular shows are.

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The exchange appears to practice to the Safari browser on iPhone; when customers launch the PiP feature, the video pops out of the player, however rapidly receives sucked again into the YouTube, forcing customers to watch it in the browser. This is a bit odd, however, as embedded movies help the PiP playback.

Troubling, is the reality that this trade wasn’t in the past existing in iOS 14 nor does it appear to observe to these who pay for the YouTube Premium subscription. This tosses a bit of thriller into the mix, as the PiP mode works for all YouTube customers on the iPad, making it uncertain whether or not this is a malicious program or a deliberate exchange to Premium on consumers.

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