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Youtube’s latest update features, Two Long-Awaited Playback Features

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by George Mensah

YouTube turned 17 this year, and like most teenagers, it’s changing its look and behavior. The core function of YouTube will remain unchanged, but new features will change how users interact with content on the platform. The first of these features is ambient mode, which blends the colors in the video into a soft gradient effect at the top of your phone’s display. The feature, according to YouTube, is inspired by the soft light that screens emit in a dark room, and it is intended to provide users with a more realistic and immersive viewing experience.

The same color scheme will be applied to video playlists, which will now display a thumbnail over a gradient background and more information than before, such as view count and upload date. Only when Dark Theme is enabled will Ambient mode be available on the web and mobile. In addition, YouTube has made Dark Theme even darker so that users can enjoy deeper contrast and richer hues. This feature latest will be available on the web, mobile devices, and smart televisions.

Youtube's latest update features

The subscribe button is also being updated, as evidenced by an example image shared by the video giant. The icon has been updated with a new pill-like shape and higher contrast, but it is no longer red. According to the company, YouTube is also changing the position of the button to make it “easier to find” and more accessible on both watch pages and channel pages.

YouTube adds a couple of latest update playback features

Youtube's latest update features

YouTube is also introducing two much-anticipated youtube latest update features: pinch-to-zoom and precise seeking. These two features were initially tested with YouTube Premium subscribers as experimental features, but YouTube says it received a lot of feedback indicating that they should be made widely available. You can zoom in and out of a video with pinch to zoom by pinching your screen (only on mobile), and the video remains zoomed in even after you release the pinch. It’s a useful feature that will save you the trouble of manually extracting information from YouTube videos.

Youtube's latest update features


Precise seeking, on the other hand, is a navigation enhancement that allows you to quickly locate specific points in video playback. Here’s how it works: When you drag the slider in the progress bar and swipe up, you’ll see a row of thumbnails for each frame, allowing you to skip to the exact part of the video you want. This feature expands on previous YouTube navigation updates that allow you to quickly find the parts of a video you’re most interested in, such as long-pressing anywhere on the player to seek and double-tapping with two fingers to skip chapters. YouTube had previously added a graph that shows the most frequently replayed moments in a video, as well as small break marks on the playback progress bar.

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