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2022 Ferrari 296 GTB hybrid is an Italian icon premiere supercar

by George Mensah

The 2022 Ferrari 296 GTB is Ferrari’s first road rider with a V6 motor. It is also the first hybrid rear-wheel drive to wear a horse insignia. And we might push it, but the newest 296 GTB is the first Ferrari since the Roma debut in 2019.

2022 Ferrari 296 GTB hybrid is a supercar of firsts for the Italian icon

But the first one is there. The 296 GTB is the first Ferrari with hybrid front axles not being electrified. If Ferrari wants to remove powerful electric super cars with Italian horsepower oodles, it could sound counterintuitive, but the choice not to add an electric front motor reduces weight. It means also that the rear wheel driving experience is true blue, teared in-the-wool, and that is nice.

The McLaren Artura has been at the helm since the beginning of Ferrari the latest 296 GTB and both supercars have similar features. The V6 gasoline engine can reach 8,500 rpm like the Artura 2.9-liter 120-degree bank angle, or 8,000 rpm. It also features hybrid pancake designers drawing juice from a relatively small battery pack of 7.5 kW.

Ferry argues that hybrid engines are equivalent in their design and engineering to Charles Leclerc’s and Carlos Sainz Jr’s Formula 1 motor cars’ kinetic motor generator unit (MGU-K). The hybrid plug-in system provides zero throttle delays, which allow for an instant acceleration burst. The Ferrari 296 GTB, although with its dinky battery, has an all-electric range of about 16 miles of zero emissions (25 km).

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The motor specs are a dream come true for a car nerd. It has a smaller turbine rotor and compressor wheel with a custom IHI single scroll turbochargers. The turbos can turn to 180,000 rpm, so that they are able to constantly boost. New engines have a 24% efficiency compared to the Ferrari SF90, so that the automaker can manufacture a V6 motor with the highest specific capacity for a supercar based on production.

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A V6 engine produces a power output of 654 hours and a torque of 546 pounds. It translates to 219 horsepower/liter when you do the math. These double-hybrid engines meanwhile add up to 165 horsepower and a torque of 232-pound feet. Add everything to it and you have at your disposal 818 horsepower and no more than 546-pound torque.

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Furthermore, the Ferrari 296 GTB has four selected driving modes: electric drive (15 miles), hybrid (default mode), and high performance (maximum performance). The Aero brake calipers are also electrically powered steering and braked-by-wire. Together with world’s first 6-way Dynamic Sensor (6w-CDS) chassis, we are betting that we will be running the newest Ferrari 296 GTB like a stink, 50mm shorter than the previous Ferrari RWD Berlinettes.

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The latest 296 GTB in design has the right dimensions, however, the shape is an ode to high-tech aerodynamics. The active rear spoiler ensures maximum downforce for the first time. The rear wing allows an additional downforce of 220 pounds (100 kg) in a high-downforce position on the rear axle. Oh, and you saw those buttresses flying?

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The Ferrari 296 GTB has an all digital instrument cluster and dashboard and is now fitted with most physical switches. It has an optional all-leather trim heads-up display. In 2022, it arrives with base prices of around $320,000 at Ferrari dealerships.

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