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4 Online Dating Tips for Men

by George Mensah
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Being single abroad can mean adventure, an exciting career, and unfortunately a little more difficulty finding a date. But it’s unnecessary to start a long-distance relationship at home — there are many safe ways to find a date. The first step is to join a reputable online expat dating site like Expatica Dating in your new country. Second, create a great online dating profile.

Read below some online dating tips for men; At last, you are ready to meet the expat woman of your dreams.

Let your profile be attractive:

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The most important of online dating tips for men is to post some friendly, flattering, and realistic photos of yourself; When you accurately represent yourself, you limit the chances of disappointment on a potential date. Once you’ve found an attractive profile, attempt to write a thoughtful message. When dating an expat in real life, you may encounter language barriers. However, most expat-oriented dating sites are in English, so there’s nothing stopping you from expressing yourself. Online dating is a place where you want to excel.

Avoid Talking about Sex:

Talking about sex during the dating phase is not a smart move. Let her be the one to bring up this sensitive issue. Considering that you will find women from different countries; As a result, their cultures may have different expectations when it comes to sexual encounters. You don’t want to put off a promising date before you meet her. If you bring up the subject of sex anyway, be prepared for her to turn off, not turn on. Many women can find it off-putting to discuss sex with someone they have only recently met.

Be Honest and Modest:

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It’s very easy to tell lies about who you are on a dating app, but don’t do it! Honesty is a courtesy you expect from your potential partner, so give them the same respect. You don’t have to talk about your job, your bank account, or the car you drive to impress a woman. One of the best online dating tips for guys is to be humble – showing off isn’t attractive. Instead, make the best of what you have. Trust in your strengths, whether it’s your ability to prepare delicious dishes from your home country, your marathon running skills, your fluency with the local language, or your sense of adventure that inspires you to travel.

Be the first to initiate Conversations:

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Women are naturally always on the receiving side even in conversations. Women prefer the man to always ask questions or start a conversation with them. It probably makes them feel your interest in them. I mean, if you like someone, you will want to talk to them often or always. Although you may not conclude like her yet, it’s fair or okay to initiate the conversation. Don’t shy away from it. It is only through conversations that you get to know if she’s a potential date or not.


Online dating or blind dating is not such a terrible idea as some people may make it to be. However, you need to know you are making the right choices. And you also need to make sure you are the catch for anyone who stumbles on your profile. Don’t sweat it but try applying these simple tips the next time you visit that dating up.

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